CNACC Official Site

  Dear colleagues,
  the next necessary and logical step towards improving the quality and transparency of the conditions in which we, as lovers of camping and caravanning, move was the founding of a new and functional association. Because we want the association to be open to the general public as well as to people and companies working in the field, the CZECH NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF CAMPING AND CARAVANNING was founded. Anyone who cares about improving conditions for our hobbies and interests can become a member free of charge. within travel. We welcome not only individuals, families, clubs, associations, municipalities, campsites, entrepreneurs and companies, but also organizations supporting tourism. We believe that only through joint efforts will we be able to improve services, transfer of information, and at the same time improve the quality of the facilities that we need more and more.
  We don't want to be an association of people consisting of a few friendly companies and friends playing in their own sandbox. Our doors are wide open to everyone without distinction. We won't even write you ten or twelve rules on how to behave, because we rely on common sense and good judgment. Our visions are based on trust and freedom, cooperation and respect. The suggestions and comments of all members will be taken into account and if it is a good thing, we will gladly support every good idea.
  We welcome everyone, regardless of the value of the motorhome or trailer, because we are primarily interested in the human value. As members of the association, you have the opportunity to draw advantageous bonuses and discounts that we will bring regularly. You can also use the CARAVAN REVUE app, where important information will appear first.
  We wish everyone a nice day and look forward to cooperation and personal meetings on various occasions